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Built for a couple who were relocating from the city to take up a new career in farming, the brief for this project was simple: create a robust and practical farm house while capturing the picturesque views down the Murndal Valley.


The ‘H’ shaped plan is divided into 3 distinct zones: a daily living zone comprising kitchen, dining and living spaces, office and master bedroom, all oriented north towards the valley; a guest zone, oriented east; and a utility zone comprising laundry / mudroom and garage on the southwest. A formal rectilinear courtyard space defines the visitor entry to the south, while to the north the angled walls of a more expansive courtyard open up to frame valley views and provide a place to shelter from prevailing winds.


Located on an exposed north-facing slope, the house is designed to provide both refuge from and connection to the landscape. The immediate surrounds are those of a working farm rather than an ornamental garden – a landscape of crops and grazing livestock and a single mature red gum. Within this context, the design uses a language of strong geometric forms, deep shadows and a heavy overhanging roof to anchor the building firmly to the side of the hill.

Project Team:

Architects: Bianca Scaife, Daniel Cooper & Cait Phillips.
Structural Engineer: Lowe Consulting Engineers.
Land Surveyor: Brayley & Hayes.
Builder: Craig Collins Building.
Photographer: Luke Ray.

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