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Bassett Homestead, Branxholme


‘Bassett’ is a homestead of grand proportions that has been successively enlarged over a number of generations. The brief was not to add new floor area but to make better use of existing spaces.  As a result of progressive additions, the hierarchy of spaces within the house no longer matched the way it was occupied, with the everyday living areas relegated to the ‘back’ of the house. Through a careful reconfiguration, the design reorients these living spaces to the north side of the building in an open plan arrangement. New openings, both within the house and in perimeter walls, increase natural light and the sense of connection to the landscape. 

Project Team:
Architects: Bianca Scaife & Daniel Cooper.
Structural Engineer: Lowe Consulting Engineers.
Builder: Max Murray Builder Pty Ltd.
Photographer: John Wilson.

Sketch 1 - Bassett Homestead - EDITED_edited.jpg
Sketch 2 - Bassett Homestead - EDITED_edited.jpg
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