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Burns St, Hamilton


This project breathes new life into a post-war brick veneer bungalow.  The addition comprises a master bedroom, ensuite, robe and study, while the kitchen, dining and lounge room in the existing building are reconfigured as an open plan living space.  The design strategy is to create a distinctively new addition by breaking with the orientation, form and materials of the existing house.  Traversing the width of the site, the addition effectively separates the public realm of the front garden from the private open space of the back yard.  The living spaces open broadly onto the north-facing private garden, while slotted windows present a more reserved address to the street.


Unexpected surprises are revealed within the interior.  The cosy scale of the study is nestled amongst the trees like a cubby and cedar highlight louvres elevate the walk in robe beyond its utilitarian function.  The transition between existing and new is handled carefully.  The junction is marked by a deep recess in the façade that is clad in a darker colour, making a visual break between the two.  The tiled roof over the living area was rebuilt to complete the form of the doubled fronted brick bungalow.  The new roof slides underneath the eaves line of the tiled roof leaving it completely unbroken.

Project Team:
Architects: Daniel Cooper, Bianca Scaife & Nic Lim.
Structural Engineer: Lowe Consulting Engineers.
Builder: RD & KE Huf.
Photographer: John Wilson / CSA.

Sketch - Burns St Hamilton EDITED_edited.jpg
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