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Skene St Extension, Hamilton


This project involved the demolition of a series of lean-to service spaces at the rear of an existing Victorian weatherboard dwelling to make way for a new open plan kitchen and living room. The new extension refocuses the main living areas towards the north-facing private garden while the original Victorian house has been restored to accommodate the bedrooms, secondary living areas and bathrooms.


The division between old and new is not immediately obvious in this project. The roof lines and materials in the extension follow those of the existing Victorian building. Howeve,r the detailed expression of the building form, both internally and externally, has been pared down to a set of simple geometries in a manner that is unmistakably modern.

Project Team:
Architects: Daniel Cooper, Bianca Scaife & Narelle Huggins.
Structural Engineer: Lowe Consulting Engineers.
Builder: RD & KE Huf.
Photographer: John Wilson.

Skene St Ext-2.jpg
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