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Tyers Street, Hamilton


Overlooking Lake Hamilton, the design of this house strikes a balance between framing views and providing a sense of privacy for the owners. An unapologetically contemporary response to the site, the form of the building bridges between the varied scale and forms of its suburban neighbours.


The upper floor spaces are encapsulated within the roof form as a single element that overhangs the ground floor to create shade, shelter and define the entry space. Internally, the house is divided between the primary living spaces located on the ground floor, facing north and the guest spaces located upstairs. The strong horizontal line between the two levels frames the views of the landscape, focusing on the parkland and lake beyond while carefully screening out views of the adjacent properties.


The apparently simple form of this house is deceptive. It reflects a complex set of pragmatic design solutions that create a sense of ‘belonging’ on the site while elevating the experience of everyday living. The double height living area, wall of glass facing the lake, rich palette of materials and refined details all elevate the prosaic functions of a home.

Project Team:
Architects: Daniel Cooper, Bianca Scaife & Nic Lim
Structural Engineer: Lowe Consulting Engineers.
Builder: RD & KE Huf.
Photographer: CSA.

Sketch - Tyers Street Hamilton - EDITED_edited.jpg
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