8 Star Modular House,
Leura Lane, Hamilton

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This project is a prototype for a system of energy-efficient modular housing, designed specifically for rural blocks. The Leura Lane house is a ‘2 bedroom model’ comprised of two separate pavilions: one containing a carport and storerooms; the other containing living quarters. The independence of these two pavilions gives complete flexibility to orientate the carport to face the street, while the living areas of the house can be oriented north or towards preferred views.


The house is linear in plan, with living areas at one end, the entry and utility spaces in the centre and bedrooms at the opposite end. This plan provides the flexibility for additional bedrooms, bathrooms or living spaces to be added to the basic model.


Energy efficiency is a strong focus of the design. The house achieved an 8.2 star energy rating through the use of passive design principles, readily available materials and standard construction methods.


The site is a semi-rural landscape on the edge of town that contained a significant amount of native vegetation.  The use of natural materials that responded to this context was an important consideration and a restrained, simple palette was used both externally and internally.  The interior has a warm, earthy ambience with terrazzo tiles throughout the house and Australian hardwoods used extensively. The exterior is clad in spotted gum which will slowly weather to a silver grey as the building ages.


If you would like to make an enquiry about using this prototype design for your new home please contact us.

Project Team:

Architects: Bianca Scaife & Daniel Cooper.
Structural Engineer: Lowe Consulting Engineers.
Builder: RD & KE Huf.
Photographer: Luke Ray (Images 1-9), CSA (Images 10-11), John Wilson (Images 12-15).

Sketch - 8 Star Modular House - EDITED_edited.jpg