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Mt Pierrepoint, Tarrington


Perched on the windswept site of an extinct volcano, this house has panoramic views of the Western Plains in almost all directions.  The brief was to provide a home for a retiring couple with guest rooms for family and friends. In response, the primary living spaces and the master bedroom suite are oriented north, towards the sun and Grampians mountain range.  Two additional wings are formed by the guest bedrooms and utility areas, to provide a weather buffer for the main living space and enclose a courtyard entry garden.


The exposed nature of the site made the most basic objective of architecture - the need to create shelter - the focus of the design. From a distance the house appears partially embedded in the hill, providing protection from the southerly winds.  While from within it has a bunker-like sense of enclosure, with a line of horizontal windows framing the views. The flat parapet roof form continues the table-top topography of Mt Pierrepoint and alludes to a fortress aesthetic.

Project Team:

Architects: Bianca Scaife & Daniel Cooper.
Structural Engineer: Lowe Consulting Engineers.
Land Surveyor: Brayley & Hayes.
Builder: Craig Collins Building.
Photographer: John Wilson.

Mt Pierrepoint 1b.jpg
Mt Pierrepoint 2b.jpg
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